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If you're craving more faux documentary content focused on outrageous crimes committed within the walls of a high school, you're in luck — American Vandal Season 2 premieres this week, and there's a new culprit on the loose.

As you might have guessed, there doesn't really seem to be any evidence to suggest that Season 2 of American Vandal is based on a true storybut that doesn't mean the showrunners didn't take plenty of cues from real life to make this show as authentic, and funny, as possible. Co-creator Tony Yacenda told Entertainment Weekly that the inspiration for this season's conflict — which swirls around the "Turd Burglar," an anonymous figure within a Catholic high school who'se poisoned the lemonade supply with laxatives — came from a lot of differnt sources.

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That darkness is why even the trailers for this new season seem a little more sinister than Season 1 might have. Early reviews for the newest season have noted its darker tone, and while critics seem to appreciate the change in certain ways, they note that it does create a more serious, less silly vibe than Season 1 had. Vinnie Mancuso of Collider wrote that " American Vandal Season 2 is not only more ambitious than its predecessor but shockingly darker and more inventive.

Co-creator Dan Perrault said in the Entertainment Weekly piece linked above that the showrunners are aware that this season is less of a playful romp and more of an intricate story. With creators as interested in true crime as these guys seem to be, American Vandal is in good hands.

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It may not have you belly laughing as much as you were last season, but the new season sounds like an interesting depature that will have you guessing more than ever. And to be honest, that it's not based in reality is sort of a good thing in this case.Picking up where its predecessor left off, Sicario 2: Day Of The Soldado once again dives into the violent, ongoing war between Mexican drug cartels and the CIA's equally ruthless involvement in their affairs. This time, in an attempt to turn the cartels against each other, the CIA sets up a "false flag" operation to kidnap the daughter of a high-ranking drug kingpin.

But is Sicario 2 based on a true story? Stranger things have happened in the endless War On Drugs, and the CIA has involved itself in far more brutal operations than the kidnapping of a single teen. The film opens by touching on the U. If it seems beyond the pale that the CIA or other U. Inthe Drug Enforcement Administration DEA convinced a high-ranking Zetas cartel member to reveal the location of its two kingpins, a major coup.

Unfortunately the DEA shared that information with a Mexican Federal police unit despite knowing the unit had a number of information leaks and moles. As ProPublica reported, their decision led to the slaughter of men, women, and children over months in the suburban town of Allende, just across the U. More recently inBusiness Insider reported that it was confirmed that the U.

If thousands of lives, directly and indirectly, don't matter in planning these deals, the idea the CIA would have any qualms about an individual kidnapping, and potential execution as cover-up, seems small potatoes. On the heels of President Trump's foreigner fearmongering and his administration's policy of separating immigrant families from their children, Soldado 's events may seem painfully on-point, but as Sheridan told Colliderit's entirely coincidental.

Jinnis scare Turkish audiences most

He also pointed out that with the Trump administration doubling down on their policies and the Mexican government taking little action, "unfortunately there is still much to mine in this world and explore creatively. Speaking with cNetSicario 2 star Benicio Del Toro added that "these movies scratch into real things that have been happening for 40 years, maybe longer," echoing Sheridan's opinion that there's likely more awful inspiration to come.

Said Del Toro, "Filmmakers and storytellers take from reality Plans are already in the works for a third Sicario movie, though currently details are scarce — director Stefano Sollima told The Independent that like Sicario 2 the third film will share characters but be able to stand completely alone.

Whatever the plot, odds are high that like Sicario 2it will still mirror the real world to a disturbing degree.And nowhere is that more true than in the Roman Catholic Church, one of the oldest institutions in the world, where in recent decades the priestly leadership has faced a now-familiar debate: whether, in changing times, to adapt to new expectations or hold fast to the old ways. The depiction may not be far off, although, as the movie suggests, to simplify Bergoglio as a religious leader would be a mistake.

As a Jesuit priest in Argentina, Bergoglio made rapid progress through the ranks of the Catholic order. Inhe became head of all Jesuits in the country and neighboring Uruguay at only But during his tenure, the young priest came to lose favor within the group.

Pope Benedict XVI, born Joseph Ratzinger, who served as head of the Catholic Church from tois shown in The Two Popes as a rigid, uncompromising leader who saw a return to principles as the best course for a church struggling with 21st-century problems. Born in Germany inRatzinger was a child when the Nazis seized power in At 14, he was made to join the Hitler Youth, though his family had been opposed to the fascist regime, before he was drafted into the German military a few years later.

Ratzinger was a Catholic academic for decades, teaching dogma and theology, writing theological tracts and serving as an expert assistant at the Second Vatican Council in the mids.

And though he was known as a progressive for years, he became more conservative as he aged. His leadership was tested by the accusations of child sexual abuse lodged against the Church during his tenure as pope. He spoke out against the misconduct repeatedly, ordered investigations, and issued new rules in to make it easier to discipline predatory priests.

But his relative unwillingness to hold the larger Catholic hierarchy to account caused many to believe that he had not gone far enough to root out the menace. And inPope Benedict XVI announced his resignation, citing age and failing health, becoming the first pope to step down since the 15th century. In The Two Popes, Bergoglio and Benedict XVI meet under unprecedented circumstances, with Bergoglio traveling to Rome in order to request permission to retire, only to be rebuffed by the pontiff who subsequently tells him of his own plans to step down.

As that drama plays out, the film offers a fascinating window into the debates between two ideologically opposed religious leaders. They are a kind of conjecture on the part of the filmmakers, a plausible debate to fill a historical gap. The Two Popes ends on a buddy-comedy note, with Francis and Benedict XVI eating pizza as they watch the World Cup, as the former has tried to convince the latter of the pleasures of watching the sport.

Still, the letter may not have been meant as an attack. While its message appeared to feed into the years-long battle between Church reformers and conservatives, Benedict XVI appeared to hope that the long note would be helpful for his now year-old successor. As for the final scene of the popes watching soccer together, the incident was more one of narrative convenience than real history.

Write to Alejandro de la Garza at alejandro. By Alejandro de la Garza. Related Stories. Here's what to know.

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Jinnis scare Turkish audiences most. Turkish horror cinema, which has revived in recent years, draws more attention from viewers. His film was a blockbuster among Turkish and foreign horror films this year.


Actually, our people have been influenced by horror factors fed by the concept of jinni or cultural codes. It was questioned how it could be adapted to cinema. Nearlypeople in Turkey andpeople abroad have seen my latest film.

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It is very important to show viewers a story of their own culture and history, and to make it in the quality of international horror films. We did not reach that audience if we have not yet reached this quality. He says the film is based on a section of al-Falaq, the th surah of the Quran, and he depicts the experiences of people in the film. He says the second part of the film will be made in the coming days, adding that they are focusing on the details. Every person, especially from childhood, learns these concepts and, moreover, has some experiences related to them.

Each of these has a definition in the subconscious of Turkish people. Recommended Scientists enthralled by biggest star explosion ever observed. Virus increases demand for Cappadocia vinegar.

siccin 2 based on true story

Baby squirrels adopted by forest staff. Poster action for people with dementia: Op-ed. Republic Monument in ancient city. WORLD Saudi Arabia resumes talks with Yemen's Houthis as truce falters Saudi Arabia has resumed indirect talks with Yemen's Houthi movement to cement a faltering ceasefire, sources familiar with the discussions said, as the United Nations pushes for a de-escalation to prepare for a coronavirus outbreak.The Conjuring 2 true story reveals that according to the mother, Peggy Hodgson, the haunting of her Enfield home began on the evening of August 30, It was on that night that her daughter Janet told her that her brothers' beds were wobbling.

The next evening, Mrs. Hodgson heard a loud noise from upstairs. She entered her children's bedroom and saw a chest of drawers moving. She tried to stop the heavy oak chest as it moved toward the door, concluding that an invisible force was trying to trap them in the room.

Thinking that it was Janet and her siblings making the noise, she said that her mother told them to go to sleep. She saw the chest of drawers moving. When she tried to push it back, she couldn't. The knocking would fade in and out as it ran down the wall, supposedly frightening the family so much that they all slept in the same room with the light on.

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Vic Nottingham, a neighbor, claims that when he went into the home to investigate at the family's request, he heard a knocking on the wall and on the ceiling, leaving him somewhat frightened. The knocking can be heard during this Janet Hodgson interview that was conducted in the home. In fact-checking The Conjuring 2 by comparing it to the real Enfield Poltergeist case, we found no evidence that crosses turned upside down on the walls of the Hodgson home.

In fact, the upside down cross has not traditionally been a symbol of evil.

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It is the Cross of St. Peter, who was crucified upside down because he felt that he was not worthy to be crucified in the same way as Jesus. Unlike the movie, crosses did not turn upside down in real life, nor is it traditionally a symbol of evil. While exploring The Conjuring 2 true story, we learned that single mother Peggy Hodgson took the family next door and pleaded for help. The neighbors, Vic and Peggy Nottingham, offered to go into the home to investigate.

In The Conjuring 2 movie, Peggy's daughter Janet Madison Wolfe rises high in the air and finds herself pinned against the ceiling.

siccin 2 based on true story

This is a complete exaggeration of what allegedly happened in real life during the Enfield haunting. Photographs of the real Janet Hodgson "levitating" only show her a short distance above her bed see below. This, coupled with the way her body is positioned in the air, has led many people to believe that she simply jumped from her bed.How a medically induced coma translated into an epic love story for The Big Sick 's writers. Falling into a coma and waking up with a loving boyfriend by your side sounds like the perfect fantastical romantic comedy — except it actually happened.

At the start of their relationship, comedian Kumail Nanjiani and writer Emily V. But everything changed when Gordon fell inexplicably sick and was put into a medically induced coma. Ten years later, the hilarious duo is bringing their hard-to-believe love story to the big screen in The Big Sick — a Judd Apatow- produced romantic comedy starring the Silicon Valley actor as a version of himself, with Zoe Kazan as Gordon and Ray Romano and Holly Hunter as her parents.

The movie opens nationwide on July While the two were in step throughout most of the writing, they told PEOPLE at the New York premiere of the film that they differed on one thing — Gordon was much more concerned about putting their private love story out for the world to see.

They continued dating in secret until eight months into their relationship when Gordon ended up in the emergency room needing to be put in an induced coma to stabilize her symptoms. But Gordon being in a coma put things into perspective for the stand-up comedian, and he realized it was time to tell his parents about his girlfriend. Gordon finally met the entire Nanjiani clan shortly after when the couple had a traditional Pakistani-style wedding with his whole family — proving that the therapist-turned-writer was here to stay.

Years later, after several conversations, the two decided to bring their love story to the screen and started workshopping the idea in Gordon explained that the best way to treat it has been to take it seriously and give herself time to get better when she starts feeling sick.

siccin 2 based on true story

But after years of living with the condition, Gordon has gotten better at handling it — and is feeling great. FB Tweet ellipsis More. Get push notifications with news, features and more. You'll get the latest updates on this topic in your browser notifications. Image zoom. Maarten de Boer. Close Share options. All rights reserved. Close View image.See our picks.

There is a happy marriage of Adnan and Hicran, however when their children die as a result of accidents, Hicran's psychology is broken.

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Due to financial problems, Yilmaz family moves in their grandmother Saadet's house. But Saadet is not living alone as known. Saadet's old house, which is also a tomb of her deceased husband Hale attracted attention with its different appearance and strange behavior. She lives in a historical and eerily house in Nevsehir with her mother, a depressed grandmother and her aunt Kadir is a man victimized to his mother's black magic to separate him from every womanincluding his wifethat would ever think of approaching him But things went upside down as oppose to his mother's expectations.

Ebru would work together with an Dilek, a housewife suddenly starts to feel presence of something abnormal in a specific room in their house. Though her husband, Omer refuses to agree with her but situation become worse. Mukadder died suddenly one night. Cause of death was cerebral hemorrhage. According to her sister, the killers are different sizes. There are demons behind everything. Turkish director Hasan Karacadag is something of an unusual case.

In a nation that appears uncertain how to feel about its own history with exploitation film and generally reluctant to Elif is a young teacher who is about to face the dark past. Made the wrong time, a terrible magic. She has had a platonic love since childhood to Kudret, who is her cousin.

Kudret, however, is married to a woman named Nisa and is very happy. However, she is not prepared for the evil that this spell unleashes.

Written by bob the moo. It's the first time i saw a Turkish movie and i am a Muslim and Egyptianit's the best movie i saw about black Magic and they said that this true story which make it more interestingi loved this movie and the only thing that i wanted in this movie is to have more time because it is very interesting. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites.

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